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Stewards serve as advisors to the pastor. A Steward assists the pastor in all administrative capacities, helping to implement courses of action to facilitate decision-making.

The Stewards of Saint John AME Church are:
*Sister Camilla Avery
*Sister Cheryl Cephus-Vickers
*Brother Franklin Debardelaben
*Brother Gary Evans
*Brother Benny Hardin
*Sister Brenda Kindred
*Brother Walter Mathis
*Brother Alfonza Mays
*Sister Wanda McFadden
*Sister Lurlene Mencer
*Brother Raymond Oliver
*Sister Evelyn Patterson
*Brother Freddie Thomas
*Sister Gloria Vail
*Brother Cliff Wilson

The Board of Trustees oversees all real, personal, and mixed property interests and rights of the church and manages the temporal concerns of Saint John A.M.E. Church. Trustees serve one conference year and the trustees are elected annually by the members of the church.

The Trustees of Saint John AME Church are:
*Sister Emma Allen
*Brother Robert Avery
*Brother Zachary Beasley
*Brother Bobby Chunn
*Sister Gloria Elcock
*Brother Cedric Evans
*Sister Doris Hardy
*Brother Curtis McCaslin
*Sister Elaine Munn
*Brother James Roscoe
*Sister Jimmie Whitt

The Class Leader at Saint John AME Church is the interface between the ministerial staff and the members of the church. They communicate regularly with their class members and provide guidance and counsel, a part of the spiritual structure of the church.

The Class Leaders of Saint John AME Church are:
*Sister Valarie Borden
*Brother Maurice George
*Sister Deboraha Harris
*Brother Charles Horton
*Sister Willie N. Kindred
*Brother Curtis McCaslin
*Sister Elizabeth Moore
*Sister Evelyn Patterson
*Sister Juanita Paige
*Sister Norma Smith
*Sister Dawn Thomas
*Sister Jimmie Whitt
*Sister Robbie Wilson

The Stewardess Board is selected by the Pastor and confirmed by Steward Board, the Stewardess Board assists both as directed. Duties and responsibilities include the following: (1)To prepare the Elements for the services of Holy Communion, and Holy Baptism. (2) To assist with special services such as weddings, funerals, or candlelight services as requested. (3)To care for the Altar and the space in the Sanctuary which is enclosed within the Chancel area. (4) To care for and change the paraments to the proper seasonal color; linens, and all items associated with worship and special services as needed.

The Stewardess Board of Saint John AME Church are:
*Sister Carrie Bacon
*Sister Shirley Bailey
*Sister Annie Banks
*Sister Evelyn Beasley
*Sister Doris Billups
*Sister Tony Bradley
*Sister Corine Brooks
*Sister Mary Copes
*Sister Eula Davis
*Sister Leslie Evans
*Sister Roberta Evans
*Sister Carolyn George
*Sister Anita Hamilton
*Sister Linda Jackson
*Sister Virginia Kennedy
*Sister Cynthia Mays
*Sister Elizabeth Moore
*Sister Juanita Paige
*Sister Catherine Player
*Sister Irene Spears
*Sister Deborah Thomas
*Sister Beverly Thomas