February Lay Events

see the lay memo below..

February 2
Richard Allen Commemorative Stamp
Make sure that you purchase this Commemorative Stamp for you to keep a lifetime. This stamp coincides with the 200th anniversary of Allen’s founding of the African Methodist Episcopal (AME) Church, one of the most important institutions in African-American life, and his election as its first bishop.

February 3
Monthly Meeting @ 1:00 pm

Lay Activity: Voter Registration Packets

February 13
Visit the Southern Flight Museum @ 10am
We will meet at the church at 9:30 a.m. and travel together to the museum with the Youth of St. John. Admission is $5 for Youth and Adults.

February 14
Richard Allen’s Birthday Party
We will sponsor and celebrate Richard Allen’s Birthday during Church School with Cake and Ice Cream. Also, we will have a visit by Richard Allen to tell a little about himself and take pictures with those in attendance.

Your Outreach Project for the Month
Bring one of the following items during the month of February, to help with our homeless snack bags.

Case of Vienna Sausage
Case Capri Sun
Package of Snack Crackers
Package of Snack Cookies
Package of Snack Fruit

Contact Lee Allen, President or Tanya Morris, Lay Activities Director at church office for information or more details at 205.251.3764

The objectives and purpose of the Lay Organization are:

  1. To create a love and appreciation of the History and Principles of African Methodism.
  2. Keep the memory of Richard Allen alive.
  3. Respect Constituted Authority.
  4. Stimulate and Educate the Laity in the Total Program of the Church.
  5. Study the Discipline and learn the laws of the Church.
  6. Encourage Financial Support of the Church’s Program.
  7. Teach and Practice Stewardship and work with the Youth to teach them Methodism.
  8. These objectives can best be met when one works to understand the program of the church and relate the church to the World around us.
    Become involved in Social Action such that the church is then our Community – our Job – Our School, and everywhere that many assembles he carries the church with him.

Moving beyond the walls forces us to become global in our thinking, in our mission, in our ministry, and in our witness. We are a church of many believers with diverse needs; we are…

“Building on Our Global Legacy of Christ-Centered Leadership and Training”

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