Worship Life Ministry

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Worship Life Ministries

A group of young people between the ages of 9-12 who lead the processional of worship service and are also responsible for lighting and extinguishing the candles before and after service.

This ministry focuses on Ministry thru Dance. Ages 6—26.Through movement-based interpretations of sacred music, hymns, prayers, and scripture, they magnify the glory of God to touch lives by His Spirit.

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An actor, a singer, a dancer you may be, Or maybe you can write or recite poetry. Whatever your talent, whatever your joy, join in the ministry and let God take control.

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This male chorus is a group of men who set a standard of excellence in worship and musical performance.

Provide song service on Communion Sunday’s which include traditional-style anthems and hymns.

Is designed for those 14 years old and above. This choir offers service through contemporary Praise and Worship.

s dedicated to young people ages 4-13 who commit themselves to singing Praises to our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ once a month.